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Apr 15, 2018
Greetings Everyone,

I'm Mr.EvilChaos I also go by | Toonami Senpai. | Since you are reading this I believe you want to know me better and know what my feelings and thoughts are about this community. First thing is I'm a Co-Founder along with Rockhoundxoz. The Founder Tanuki and I have been friends forever now. So much so that's he's like a little brother to me. I have played and been staff in many other communities in the past but I've left them for personal reasons that I don't want to get into. I'm currently working and going to college full time. So I make time when I can to be in this great community.

I'm not one with words, but I hope that this will allow you to understand me better. I'm working with Tanuki to write code for any Twilight Realm specific add-ons/perks. I've been working with Lua for a few years now (Tanuki is much better than me at it) I also excel in HTML and PHP. I also like Java so I'm well versed in most coding languages. Since I've been in many other communities I wish for Twilight Realms to be different than them. I wish for Twilight Realms to be a respected/respectable community with many active players.

Players: You will not disrespect our staff in a demeaning, bullying, or offensive manner. We expect you to treat others with respect as we would. If you are caught breaking the rules, do not try to evade punishment as this will get you banned temporarily. If our staff is rude/disrespectful to you, be the better man/woman and report them(Do not argue and cause an even greater disturbance as this will cause both the staff and player to face consequences). If you are unreasonably punished by staff or banned, ensure you have proof for your appeal or staff report.

Staff: You are to be held to a greater standard than a normal player based on your integrity and trustworthiness. Do not abuse your power as staff as this will instantly get you demoted or fired. Do not start an argument or be the instigator of one. Enforce the rules as you have been hired to do so. If you have to punish/ban someone, it must follow the punishment list and should never lead to a kick or ban for the first time offenders. If you are unsure how to handle the situation, ask for help and do not try to resolve it yourself.

For the Server Manager: Petitions, appeals, and applications will be done promptly in a timely manner no later than 1 week of the initial post. It is your job to make sure these get done so the player knows the outcome of their post.

Finally as the Co-Founder, I view every player and staff's concerns equally and will provide you the best answer I can without sugarcoating anything.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can also contact me directly on the Discord server.

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